Who am I

The Devotion

In order for a photographer to stand out in a world where 1.2 trillion pictures are taken every year, they need to have something special, something unique within those photographs that draws the viewer in.

My pictures are taken in the moment, which  in my opinion, is the beauty in photography. These pictures reflect my personality and my personal development when it comes to photography.

Impulsive, explicit, non-conforming with conventional photography.

The impressionists referred to the development of the camera as ,”The liberation of artists,”  as it was the first time an artist could freely paint their impressions from light and objects, without following any rules.

The implementation of the camera revolutionised painting the same way the smartphone does for the camera today.

Since the beginning of time, history has taught us that technological advances have always had a large impact on art.

So why stop now?WhoAmIcut

The Camera

My camera body is a Nikon D7000, compatible with a Nikkor-S.C auto 50mm 1.4 lens from 1966. Not essentially the highest-quality camera nowadays, but even my father was taking pictures with the same  lens, and the quality is still outstanding.newlense